Marcel Pawlowski

Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Marcel Pawlowski uses computer simulations to study the formation of second-generation dwarf galaxies from the debris of galaxy collisions, and to predict differences in the dynamics of galaxies that allow to discriminate between dark matter and modified gravity theories. He has contributed substantially to the study of planar structures of co-orbiting satellite galaxies, in particular on the significance and composition of the Vast Polar Structure (VPOS) of the Milky Way, and has provided evidence for highly structured dwarf galaxy planes in the Local Group. His work on accurate comparisons of the observed phase-space distribution of satellite galaxies with cosmological simulations has established the observed satellite galaxy planes as one of the most-pressing current small-scale problems of cosmology. Before joining the CWRU Department of Astronomy as a postdoc, Dr. Pawlowski obtained his PhD in Astronomy/Astrophysics from the University of Bonn (Germany) in 2013.


Research Interests:
  • Satellite and dwarf galaxies in the Local Group
  • Near-Field Cosmology & small-scale problems
  • Numerical Simulations of Galaxies
  • Tidal Dwarf Galaxies


Sears Building 555