A Stellar Contribution


Walter Bonsack. Photo by Rajah Bose.

We are always grateful for the strong support we receive from our alumni and friends. CWRU alumnus Walter Bonsack (’54) got his start in astronomy as an undergraduate, using the Burrell Schmidt (located at the time in East Cleveland) to study the chemical composition of early type stars. From there he went on to an enormously successful career studying the physics of stars, working at major astronomical observatories including those at Mt Palomar, Mt Wilson, Lowell Observatory, and Mauna Kea. Professor Bonsack and his wife Sally recently made a generous pledge to support ongoing research opportunities for CWRU physics and astronomy students. Read more about Professor Bonsack’s story in “A Stellar Contribution”, a new article in the latest issue of art/sci, the quarterly magazine of the CWRU College of Arts and Sciences.