Taking a cab from the airport:

If you are flying, you can grab a cab and ask them to take you to Case Western Reserve University, in University Circle. Ask the cabbie to drop you off at the entrance to the Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital on Adelbert Road. From here it is a reasonable walk to our building.

We are on the 5th floor of Sears building. From Rainbow Babies, cross Adelbert Road and follow this map showing the path from the hospital to us. You will enter Sears and magically be on the 3rd floor. Take the stairs up to the 5th floor — it’s a lot faster than the elevator.

Taking the RTA (rapid transit) from the airport:

The closest stop to CWRU is the Cedar/University Circle Station on the Red Line. At the airport, follow the signs for the RTA/Rapid. The station is located on the floor below baggage claim. The turnstiles are on your left at the end of a short hall. A one-way ticket is $2.25. The airport is the west terminus of the red line so you don’t need to worry about getting on going the wrong way! The ride to Cedar/University Circle takes about 30-40 minutes depending on time of day.

You can find up-to-date RTA schedules here.

At the Cedar/University Circle station, go down the stairs at end of platform and through turnstiles. Outside, turn left and follow the path until it dead-ends at Adelbert Rd. (tracks will be on your left, a parking lot on right). Turn left onto Adelbert, and pass the parking deck. Now you can follow this map to get to our department.

Driving from the airport:

Ask yourself if you really want to do this. University Circle is perhaps the most confusing piece of road ever designed by mankind. You’re usually better just trusting the cabbie. But if you are truly brave at heart… Ask the car rental agency for a map. You want to get on I-71 towards Cleveland; when you get close to the city it will merge into I-90 Eastbound. You’ll cross over the Cuyahoga River just as you get to downtown, and you’ll see the baseball stadium (the Jake!) on your left.

Take the exit for Carnegie Ave and turn right (east) off the exit onto Carnegie. Follow Carnegie for a long time; you will eventually pass 55th street, then later (crossing the 90s) the Cleveland Clinic. Stay in the middle lane and just follow it; don’t bear right until you absolutely have to. At this point you will pass under the rapid transit station and head up a hill. Carnegie gets renamed Cedar at this point. Halfway up the hill, turn left at a stoplight onto Murray Hill Rd. Go straight through the next stoplight, then take a left at the stop sign onto Adelbert Rd. Turn into the feeder area to the parking garage immediately on your left; inside the garage, there is visitor parking.

From the parking garage, follow this map to get to our department.