Research Databases

Researchers in CWRU Astronomy have developed several publicly available research databases including:

Research Facilities

CWRU’s Burrell Schmidt telescope, located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona (credit: Steven Janowiecki)

The Burrell Schmidt wide field telescope, 100% owned and operated by Case Astronomy, is located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in southwest Arizona. It is used for deep wide-field imaging and surveys.

The department runs an extensive computing network of Linux and Windows workstations. We also have access to CWRU’s heterogeneous high performance computing cluster.

The Astronomy Library, a branch of Case’s University Library system, has been a part of the observatory for over a hundred years. It houses a strong collection of research materials, study space, and computers for accessing electronically available literature and databases.

The 9 1/2 Inch Rooftop Telescope: The 9 1/2 inch refractor is located on top of the A.W. Smith building. It is available to all faculty, staff and students of CWRU. Before using the telescope, persons should contact Charley Knox to schedule an appointment to receive instructions on telescope operation and procedures. Following the orientation procedure, interested persons sign up for nights on the calendar located in the astronomy department (near the mailboxes)