Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the Ohio Turnpike.

Get off the Ohio Turnpike at Exit 13, which is I-480. (The sign actually says “I-480 to I-271 N”).

Follow I-480 until it merges with I-271 N. When it splits again, stay on I-271 N. (I-480 will head west…)

Follow I-271 until you get to the exit for Cedar Rd (the signs will also say Brainard Rd). You want Cedar Rd heading West towardsCleveland; stay to the right when exiting and take the big sweeping exit ramp loop which puts you on Cedar Rd.

Follow Cedar Rd for about 4-5 miles or so. You will pass the following landmarks/cross-streets:

  • Beachwood Mall on your left
  • Richmond Rd
  • Green Rd
  • Warrensville Center Rd
  • Taylor Rd
  • Lee Rd
  • Coventry Rd

Now the directions split depending on where you are going…

If you are going straight to case campus and the Astronomy Department:
A few blocks past Coventry you will go down a small hill and into a small commercial district. Keep following Cedar through this area and as Cedar turns hard left (left and middle lanes forced to go left, right lane can also go left).

Bearing left you will go down a hill (“Cedar Hill”); move into the right lane at this point.

Turn Right at the stoplight on Murray Hill Rd.

At the next stoplight, curve left (the road becomes Adelbert), and then at the next stop sign turn left. Then immediately turn left into the feeder area to the parking garage where there is visitor parking.

If you are going to Notre Maison:
A few blocks past Coventry you will go down a small hill and into a small commercial district. After passing through the stoplight at Fairmount, turn left at the next stoplight onto Grandview.

At the end of Grandview, go through a double stopsign and turn left on North Park. Pass a school and fenced field on left and begin to pass houses on the left. The FOURTH house on the left is Notre Maison, marked by the Low BLACK IRON FENCE across the front of the property. Park in oval driveway.