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Dynamical Evolution of Very Young Stellar Sub-Cluster

Date: Fri. April 17th, 2015, 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Location: Sears 552

Dynamical Evolution of Very Young Stellar Sub-Clusters

Alison Sills, McMaster University

Recent observations of massive, young, nearby star-forming complexes are starting to probe the detailed structure of newly-forming star clusters. In particular, the MYStIX collaboration (Feigelson et al. 2013) have an extensive census of stars in 20 such regions, probing down to low masses and through significant interstellar extinction. Early results suggest that most star clusters form from a number of distinct subclusters, and that those subclusters themselves have interesting stellar age and mass distributions. In this talk, I will discuss results from a project to dynamically model very young, embedded subclusters, using initial conditions based on the MYStIX observations of their youngest clusters.

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