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Frontiers of Astronomy: Chris Mihos

Date: Thu. November 7th, 2019, 8:00 pm-9:00 pm
Location: Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Future of the Cosmos

Chris Mihos (CWRU Astronomy)

Abstract: The universe around us is ever-changing: stars are born and die, galaxies collide and merge with one another, titanic explosions rock our galaxy, and the very fabric of the universe itself expands at an ever-increasing rate, carrying galaxies across the universe at breakneck speeds. In this talk, CWRU Astronomy’s Chris Mihos will give us a peek into the far future, using the physical laws of the universe to explore the changes in store for the Sun, the Galaxy, and the Universe as a whole.

Bio: Chris Mihos is a Professor of Astronomy at Case Western Reserve University. His research interests span a wide range of topics including the formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters, the nature of dark matter, deep imaging techniques, and astronomical data mining. He is an observational astronomer who uses both ground-based and space-based telescopes in his research, including CWRU Astronomy’s Burrell Schmidt telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope.


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